Machining Division

Over 15 machining centers including turning, boring, grinding, and more, give the option for single sourcing of metal products. With this extensive machining capability Machining Division can provide materials how customer need them – from as–cast through finish machined to meet customer side specifications. If we can't do it, we will manage our outside machining partners to deliver parts as customer needs.

Machining Capabilities Includes:

  1. Floor Boring Machine
  2. Drilling Machine
  3. Horizontal Boring Machine
  4. Vertical Turrete Lathe
  5. Hexa cutting
  6. Milling Machine
  7. Tube Bending
  8. Rolling Machine
  9. Punching Machine
  10. Bending
  11. Shearing Machine
  12. Furnace
  13. JCB 12 ton crane