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SQS NDT performs remote visual inspection on various equipments. With our high end equipment, we can find hidden problems that can help prevent catastrophic failure of your equipments. Equipment that is damaged or cracked in places that are hard to reach can cost you time and money. What you can't see, CAN hurt you!

All inspectors are certified SNT-TC-1ALevel II or Level III

Remote Visual Inspections

Remote visual inspection use visual aids such as Fiber Optic Video Borescope are many applications like leak testing, in-service examinations and fabrication procedures. It is commonly used where distance, angle of view and limited lighting may impair direct visual examination or where access is limited by time,financial constraints or atmospheric hazards.To peer inside without disassembly is a common and effective solution where a borescopes can save thousands of dollars in labor costs by avoiding machine tear down and the associated downtime.

The "remote" portion of RVI refers to the characterization of the operator not entering the inspection area due to physical size constraints or potential safety issues related to the inspection environment.

  • Aerospace

    To inspect existing capabilities forairframes or engines and ensure all defects are accurately measured andrecorded in detailed reports and videos

  • Construction

    Buildings, bridges of architectural interest. Beam ends, voids, cavity walls and drains. Gain details views, accurately locate defects with the minimum of damage.

  • Oil, Gas & Chemical

    Rugged equipment for process monitoring in harsh or hazardous environments.Inspection teams for outages, breakdowns or construction projects.Pressure systems examination and reports.

  • Power Generation

    Boiler pipework, headers, steam chests, valves, steam & gas turbines, generators, tanks, drains etc.An extensive range of cameras and custom tooling produce bright clear images of even the most hard to reach areas.

  • Retrieval

    Extract foreign objects from critical plant in hours rather than days using a wide range of standard and custom grabs, magnets, and vacuums.Remove anything from particles to pumps, scarf to spanners quickly and ensure the whole area is clean and clear with video evidence.

  • Tanks & Vessels

    Powerful lighting and high resolution pan tilt and zoom cameras ensure that all areas can be viewed in detail.

  • Turbines

    Examine the smallest blade cooling passages to the largest combustion chamber.State of the art measurement techniques provide accurate defect location and sizing.

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