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SUPER QUALITY SERVICES, Established in 1986, engaged in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Progressing towards ISO 17025
7 Branches in INDIA.
Overseas presence in INDONESEA and Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Super Quality Services has been providing a high quality Non Destructive Testing(NDT) and radiographic inspection service to the industrial sector since 1986. SQS employs FIVE dedicated sites to best serve the needs of our customers in Tamilnadu, South India.Today, SQS remains at the forefront of the NDT market in S India, also uniquely positioned to offer high energy Betatron (10 MeV and 7.5 MeV) radiographic inspection,Automatic Film Processing and Film Digitization services.

SQS has been certified as an ISO-9001 company by BV.The Quality Policy is framed relevant to its activities and in conformance with its customer needs and applicable National and International Standards to enable them to achieve their organizational goals.

SQS NDT Services provides highly qualified and experienced non destructive testing technicians to a wide range of companies throughout South India. This includes industry sectors such as aerospace, power generation - both nuclear and conventional, oil, gas, petrochemical, general engineering/fabrication, military, marine, motorsport and transport and indeed any activity that has an interest in the quality and freedom from defects in their metal products and/or equipment.

In addition to all general forms of non destructive testing we also provide technicians skilled in more specialist disciplines such Heat treatment and machining.

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