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Company Policies

Quality Policy

Is committed to be a leader in producing quality products, satisfying the requirements of customers, codes, standards and statutory regulations on time, every time through continual improvement in the quality management system with effective involvement of all the employees, leading to business excellence.

Safety Policy

SQS is committed to a strong Health, Safety and Environmental Program that protects its employees, its property, its customers, the public and the environment. An injury and accident free workplace is our goal and can be accomplished through a continuous safety effort. SQS has designated Radiation Safety Officers, who are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained throughout our organization.

We know that sound safety practices will not only serve to protect personnel from injury, but it will significantly affect our bottom line. At SQS, Safety is Priority #1. SQS consistently promotes the ideal that all work can be done safely in a manner that reduces the risk of harm, injury and/or death.

Our general safety manual was built upon the recommendations of the BARC and our Radiation Safety Manual has been developed in-house based on regulatory authority regulations, our radioisotope licence requirements, and our own extensive experience with radiation safety issues. Our program is reviewed and updated annually to expand its scope where necessary and maintain its effectiveness.

Training is imperative to ensure all employees are aware of their responsibilities with regards to health and safety. SQS trains its management and technicians as per BARC regulatory authority regulations. Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Confined Space Entry,Hazard Assessment, Fall Arrest Protection, First Aid, site inspections and audits, and Safety Program Auditing. SQS staff have been educated to provide staff training within the BARC Certification Program as well as the inspection of harnesses and lanyards.

Our safety program includes elements such as:

  • safe work practices and procedures
  • equipment preventative maintenance
  • incident reporting system
  • on site safety audits/inspections
  • safety program audit
  • non-conformance system with follow-up
  • emergency procedures
  • joint worksite health and safety committee
  • modified work program
  • drug and alcohol policy
  • waste management and the environment
  • fitness for work
  • training and motivation

SQS can provide radiation and general safety seminars for our customer’s employees, if desired. Educating workers and clients in the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective safety program is yet another way SQS works towards minimizing safety incidents.

As with our Quality Assurance program, the Safety Program receives the highest level of commitment from senior management. We are proud of our safety record, and maintain a position of good standing with all regulatory authorities.

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