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10/60 X-RAY CRAWLER (10" to 60")


The 10/60 X-ray Crawler is available with Balteau 160kV, 200kV, 300kV or Yxlon 200kV constant potential tube options, for use in non-destructive testing for detection of defects in new pipeline butt welds. The 10/60 X-ray Crawler is a compact modular unit suitable for use onshore or offshore in a wide variety of climatic conditions, in pipelines of nominal diameter from 10 to 60 inches. Alternative X-ray tubes or Gamma projectors can be fitted, please contact JME Ltd with your requirements

Technical Specifications
Pipeline diameter range 10 - 60 in
Number of modules 5
Overall weight of assembled crawler 160 Kg
Overall assembled length - excluding X-ray tube 1670 mm (plus recovery ring 270 mm)
X-ray tube full output ratings 160kV, 200kV, 200kV CP, 300kV
Intermediate kV setting options Balteau - 4 (70%, 80%, 90%, 100%) Yxlon - 110kV to 200kV in 10kV steps
Optimum tube current 2 - 3 mA
Focal spot size 1.0 x 5 mm (typical)
Power sourceSealed lead acid batteries (120V)
Battery Capacity 15 Ah
Motor rating 185 W continuous (0.25 HP)
Travel speed up to 0.3m/sec
WheelsContoured high traction rubber
Mean positioning accuracy (15° slope) ± 5 mm
Maximum angle of climb in optimum conditions 45% (27°)

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